Category: Case Studies

Konduit Video Start Rate

Konduit Q3 Market Report – Video Start Rates: Trends and Takeaways

Everyday, publishers are challenged to maximize revenues while producing quality content and increasing audience. Video monetization has increasingly become a key part of the publisher revenue story. Ironically, a publisher’s most valuable asset, video views, can also be the most challenging to monetize effectively.

Measurement Case Study

Case Study: Konduit Delivers Robust Wrapper Solution

Working with a leading digital verification partner, Konduit successfully customized and scaled its wrapper and measurement script solution to replace the partner’s current solution in a period of approximately two months.

Publisher Case Study

Case Study: Konduit Core Technology Drives Revenue

Supply chain complexities cause fewer ad starts for publishers due to delays and failures in the ad load process. Konduit’s Accelerate solution combats these challenges by drastically reducing breakage and accelerating ad starts.

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