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Konduit Video Start Rate

Konduit Q3 Market Report – Video Start Rates: Trends and Takeaways

Everyday, publishers are challenged to maximize revenues while producing quality content and increasing audience. Video monetization has increasingly become a key part of the publisher revenue story. Ironically, a publisher’s most valuable asset, video views, can also be the most challenging to monetize effectively.

Konduit Releases Latest Accelerate Module for PreBid Video

Konduit Releases Latest Accelerate Module for Prebid Video

Konduit is excited to announce that the newest release of its Konduit Accelerate Module, which leverages Konduit’s core video processing technology, is live on The latest Konduit module increases revenue for publishers and delivers higher fill rates using the Konduit real-time decisioning engine. Initial partners are seeing between 15% and 24% increases in programmatic video revenue using Konduit Accelerate.

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