Konduit Releases Latest Accelerate Module for Prebid Video

Konduit Releases Latest Accelerate Module for PreBid Video

Posted on June 19, 2020 at 12:41 PM

Konduit is excited to announce that the newest release of its Konduit Accelerate Module, which leverages Konduit’s core video processing technology, is live on Prebid.org. The latest Konduit module increases revenue for publishers and delivers higher fill rates using the Konduit real-time decisioning engine. Initial partners are seeing between 15% and 24% increases in programmatic video revenue using Konduit Accelerate.

Konduit uses proprietary algorithms to power its Predictive insights engine. This allows Konduit to deliver an adjusted CPM value to the publisher’s ad server in real time based on the likelihood that each programmatic video creative will result in a paid ad.

Konduit’s algorithm takes multiple performance dimensions into account such as browser, operating system, and device type, which allows for the predicted value to be applied at a very granular level.

Konduit’s Accelerate module is fully compatible with Prebid video, allowing for a seamless integration for all Prebid publishers. Konduit’s module can easily be included as part of an ongoing Prebid update, making integration lift minimal and quick.

Additionally, Konduit provides a robust suite of real-time reporting and analytics to pinpoint bad actors and underperforming creatives across their entire Prebid ecosystem.  Konduit’s reporting suite gives publishers the tools to view actionable insights and recover lost revenue in a single UI.

Konduit’ offers outlier detection and alerting that actively checks key metrics and provides updates in real-time. To learn more about Konduit’s publisher solutions or to learn more about Konduit’s Prebid module, please contact us through our website or email our Chief Executive Officer David Jacobs at [email protected].

About Konduit.me: Konduit provides easy-to-implement software solutions and analytics that improve video advertising performance across platforms. By reducing error rates and using real time decisioning at a creative level, Konduit improves fill rate and increases publisher revenue across all devices, including OTT.


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