Analyze. Boost. Optimize.

Konduit Accelerate for Publishers

Start more video ads and make more money using Konduit’s real time decisioning engine.

Recover Lost Revenue

Publishers frequently lose revenue from video ad opportunities not resulting in a paid impression.

Konduit’s header bidding compatible solution identifies when a creative will not start in real time and provides publishers with the necessary data to make decisions to improve performance.

Real-Time Optimization

Improve yield and fill rate. Make informed decisions in real time by creative, by browser,
by operating system and by device type.

Creative Level Insights

Identify issues as they arise in one concise reporting view. Pinpoint poor performers and weed out bad actors.

Dynamic Alerting & Notifications

Take swift action with your partners and troubleshoot creatives. Konduit continuously monitors performance, optimizes in real-time, and provides you automatic alerts and actionable insights.

Unlock the Full Value of Your Digital
Video Inventory

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